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Chongqing Haiflong water treatment equipment Co., LTD
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Office phone: 023-68061852
Company address: Jiulongpo District, Chongqing Jinke electromechanical City B District 33 building 58

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Chongqing Haiflong water treatment equipment Co., LTD
  Chongqing Haiflong water treatment equipment Co., LTD,Water treatment equipment factory,Water treatment equipment manufacturers,Water treatment engineering company supporting the production of products are pure water equipment, softened water equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, water softener, mechanical filter, fiber ball filter, multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, UV sterilizer and other series,The company in line with advanced technology products,Reliable product quality,Efficient and efficient customer service,Honesty and credit business philosophy,To improve the living environment for people in the 21st century,Dedicated to the pursuit of high quality life!
  Our company designs and produces complete sets of equipment: pure water equipment, high purity water equipment, mountain spring water equipment and filling equipment, which are used in all walks of life such as direct drinking pure water, domestic tap water, food water, swimming pool water, electronic ultra-pure water, chemical water, boiler water and so on。
  The purpose of the company is: product excellence, high quality and low price, timely service in place, meticulous。