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Chongqing water treatment equipment company Haiferong talking about the difference between pipeline machine and drinking machine
Author: Chongqing water treatment equipment Time: 2018-07-06
Chongqing water treatment equipment company Haiferong talking about the difference between pipeline machine and drinking machine:
First, installation:
  The traditional water dispenser is generally vertical, and the pipeline machine is divided into vertical and wall-mounted。Inquired the related functions of the pipeline machine, is wall-mounted, can be installed on the wall, save a certain installation space。
Second, the prompt light:
  Traditional water dispenser cue lights are divided into two levels, boiled and unboiled。The water temperature of the pipeline machine is 50 degrees Celsius as the limit, and the drinking water of the two water temperatures is distinguished by color。
Third, temperature selection:
  Traditional water dispenser takes a few minutes to boil, the pipeline machine 3 seconds to complete the specified water temperature heating, this water dispenser four temperature options, including room temperature, milk, tea and boiling water。
Fourth, the water:
  The water dispenser is divided by a control switch。The pipeline machine lightly touches once, the water is 150ML, and the water output is manually controlled twice, and the water output is more humanized。The water temperature can be adjusted。
V. Security:
  Ordinary water dispenser does not have relevant safety equipment;In contrast, the pipeline machine has a child lock mode, and the child lock can be opened when not in use to prevent children from accidentally burning when playing;Water level sensor to prevent water leakage, intelligent control of water intake time, timeout stop。
In general, compared with the traditional water dispenser, the mechanical price of the pipeline is still very high, and the functions are more。In the case of serious water pollution in the world at present, the family's drinking water safety can use the more advanced pipeline machine as drinking water purification treatment。
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