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Chongqing Water Treatment Equipment Company analysis on the treatment of copper electroplating wastewater
Author: Chongqing water treatment equipment Time: 2022-11-08
  Water treatment is a very important project at present。We have to drink water every day, whether it is clean water quality and sewage after a series of treatment processes of water treatment equipment, it is also very good for our life。The water treatment equipment needed for water treatment is also diversified。
  今天Chongqing water treatment equipmentXiaobian of Haferon Company to take you to understand the treatment method of copper electroplating wastewater。
  Sulfide precipitation method: The treatment of copper-containing wastewater has great advantages, which can solve the problem that some weak complex heavy metals are not up to standard。The solubility of copper sulfide is much lower than that of copper hydroxide, and the reaction has a wide range of pH。Sulfide can also precipitate some copper ion complexes, so there is no need for shunt treatment。However, its application is limited due to its good precipitability and difficult sedimentation。In addition, the presence of cyanide ions affects the sulfide precipitation and dissolves part of the sulfide precipitation。
  Electrochemical treatment of copper-containing wastewater has the advantages of high efficiency, automatic control and less sludge, and copper can be recovered directly from electroplating copper wastewater。Especially for wastewater with high concentration (when the copper mass concentration is greater than 1g/L), there is a certain economic benefit, but when the concentration is low, the current efficiency is low。
  Ion exchange: one of the main methods for treating copper-containing wastewater。Various ion exchangers are also constantly appearing from the old ones。There are many types of ion exchangers。The treatment effect of complexing agent on electroplating wastewater containing copper is not obvious。
  Ion exchange resin: Copper removal is very good。It is reported that resin treatment is used to treat high concentration ammonia copper rinsing solution。There are also plants that use weakly acidic cation exchange resins to treat acidic copper sulfate cleaning wastewater。Some companies use strong basic anion exchange resins。Treatment of copper pyrophosphate bath wastewater recovery part of the water。In addition, the resin has the advantages of good selectivity, large adsorption capacity, fastness, and fast exchange speed。However, due to the high price of these compounds, most of them are still in the experimental stage and rarely used on a large scale in industry。
  Ion exchange fiber: a new type of ion exchange material developed rapidly in recent years。Great progress has also been made in the treatment of heavy metal wastewater。The adsorption of copper in electroplating wastewater by modified polyacrylonitrile fiber shows that the adsorption of copper ions in electroplating wastewater by modified polyacrylonitrile fiber is obviously lower than the national discharge standard。
  Membrane separation technology: reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and their combination technologies are generally used to treat industrial wastewater。The key of membrane treatment is to select the appropriate membrane according to the separation conditions。There are many reports on the treatment of electroplating wastewater containing copper by reverse osmosis membrane separation。This method also has a good effect on the treatment of copper-containing composite electroplating wastewater。Some of them have been applied in industry and combined with other water treatment technologies, and have achieved good results。
  Adsorption method: The treatment of copper-containing wastewater has many advantages, and has become a hot spot in water treatment research。Many adsorbents with excellent properties, especially industrial waste and crop residue as adsorbents, have been widely developed。The existing adsorbent was modified to improve its adsorption performance。Zeolite and fanstone are cheap and widely used。Under suitable conditions, the adsorption rate of zeolite to copper ion can reach 95%, and the adsorption rate of eutectic rock to copper ion can reach 100%。Soot and slag can be used as adsorbents to treat copper plating wastewater. 4A zeolite synthesized from bituminous coal can adsorb many heavy metals and has a good adsorption effect on copper ions。
  Currently, the research focuses on some plant and animal feces as adsorbents。In order to improve the adsorption capacity and adsorption selectivity, the modified adsorbent has a significant effect on the adsorption of copper ions。The tartaric acid modified shell greatly enhanced the adsorption effect of copper ions。The capacity of copper ions adsorbed by lye treated chicken feathers is greatly increased, and the adsorption effect is very good。The treatment of copper ions in electroplating wastewater by wood sawdust adsorption is superior to that in single wastewater。
  Biological method: The biggest feature of copper-containing wastewater treatment is that microorganisms can continue to prolifise during operation, and the amount of copper ions removed by biomass increases with the increase of biomass。The biological method has the advantages of strong comprehensive treatment capacity, effective removal of copper, hexavalent chromium, nickel, zinc, separator, lead and other harmful metal ions in wastewater, simple and practical treatment method, simple process control, less sludge and significantly reduced secondary feeding。稀释。However, the biological treatment of copper-containing wastewater has some shortcomings, such as slow reproduction rate of functional bacteria, slow reaction rate and difficult reuse of treated water。
  The above is all the content of the small edition of Chongqing water treatment equipment Haferong Company to share, I hope to help you。If you need to know more about Chongqing water treatment equipment, please pay attention to our official website of Chongqing Haferong Water treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. or call for consultation, we will be happy to serve you, thank you for your support!
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